This work (Edificaciones) marks the recurrent return of this artist to the privacy of the small format, to counterpoint with his monumental sculpture.
[El Nuevo Dia- Thursday, May 16, 2002]
Many other samples, collective and individual, as much in the island as internationally, have placed him between the most distinguished sculptors in the country.
[Enrique Garcia Gutierrez, Revista Domingo / El Nuevo Dia, June 15, 2002]
… Luis has become a guest of our city landscape, forged alchemy in steel and aluminum multi-formed like a testimony of that creative passio …
[El Nuevo Dia, April 11, 1999]
In his first exhibition, I commented that, in spite of his young age, Luis Torruella presented works that manifested ‘conceptual maturity and a technical discipline that augured a promising career’ and I believe that I was not mistaken.
[Revista Domingo, El Nuevo Dia, April 10, 1994]
In a city plagued with design flaws, the sculptor Luis Torruella has united a breach of decades between urban attitudes and suburban lifestyles… and has obtained it by means of art.
[Melba Ferrer, El Nuevo Dia, September 6, 2000]
… he tries to reflect rhythm in its widest sense in his pieces, his language is energy…
[Lourdes Duran, Cultura, Palma de Mallorca, May 4, 2001]
… the sculpture Ajedrezado, by Luis Torruella, occupies a prominent place within the new city. This sculpture has become a distinguished element of City View Plaza.
[Supplement, El Nuevo Dia, September 23, 1999]
Luis Torruella is a dedicated artist; honesty, discipline and professionalism are the pillars of his work. His sculptures are intense, lyrical compositions that go from the strictest geometrical organization to a free and spontaneous irregularity that approaches the accidental.
[Manuel Alvarez Lezama, The San Juan Star, April, 1994]
… Torruella is certainly one of the most promising artists of the new generation.
[Myrna Rodriguez, The San Juan Star, May 12, 1992]